February 2, 2002
With the first flight of the prototype, the initial period of development finished as well as the offer of subscription at promotional price.

The selling price of the Graalis being studied and will also depend on the order book.

We plan to propose the completed glider for 35 000 € excl. VAT. The price of a advanced kit is estimated at 21 000 € excl. VAT. These prices place Graal below all the competitors, often technically less elaborate. They are not fixed yet and could be revised, up or down, according to customers reaction.

We will, before long, renew contact with the prospective customers who already made known themselves. The others are invited to contact us in the forthcoming months, as we will not be able to exist without them.

March, 2002
We currently study the possibility of manufacturing theGraal in a country of Eastern Europe.
Almost all of our competitors do this way and we may be obliged to be able to propose the best price.
It is thus not impossible that we revise down the estimated selling prices. .