The purpose of this page is to give news on the ongoing of the project and then of flight tests.

April 2004
The documentation on Graal production "how-to" is now available in English.

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Long months afterward, what's up? Not much!
We had some promising contacts with several companies. For various reasons, none could succeed. There are a few European companies believing in this concept and who might decide to produce it. We had little success contacting foreign companies, especially U.S., because the Graal had much less press coverage overseas.
There is some extensive documentation for potential candidates. It's written in French but could be translated on request; Contact: max point barel arobas graal-aero point fr

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Late October, 2002
The Graal was exposed in FFVV's show in Paris.

FFVV-052 FFVV-059 FFVV-062 FFVV-064

It has showed the validity of its original design
It should be now produced in series. The market exists, contacts with potential buyers prove it. They also show that it should be entered with a credible offer, on the industrial and commercial level, with a company inspiring confidence and which delivers in time. This is why Graal is in the search of a manufacturer with know-how, the structure and enough of enthusiasm to take over and to begin the production. The molds of wings are ready, all the design is in professional CAD , the manufacturing processes are established, and customers wait...

October, 2002
Graal prototype will be showed at "journées vol à voile" de la FFVV les 19 et 20 octobre à Noisy le grand (93) (Paris).

September, 2002
Thanks to the collaboration of Robert Laffon, a very skilled pilot, the Graal flew with it's new engine.
Indeed, being conscious of my insufficient training, I was happy to accept the collaboration of a pilot logging 9000 hours of flight. In spite of the capricious weather of this mid-September, we could find two days with good conditions.
Monday 16, after a few rollings and jumps flights, R.L. carried out a broad traffic circuit. Tuesday 17, a 45 minutes long flight provided a lot of information of which here is a summary:

Only good news in fact!

August 2002
Some pictures of the new RDM200 engine and of the Ivoprop propellor on it's folding hub.

May-June, 2002
In spite of an amelioration of the cooling by draining the airflow, the König engine is out of order due to a grip. The temperature at cylinder head having not exceeded the maximum prescribed by the manufacturer, while remaining very close, is difficult to know if this grip is due to an improper cooling or another cause (fuel oils...). This doubt, added to the difficulty of finding this type of engine, now manufactured in Canada, involved the decision to change the engine for the new twin-cylinder RDM 200 engine . If it has only two cylinders, its higher operation (9000 rpm) and the reducer 1:4 will compensate largely for cyclic regularity. The interesting point of this engine is its fan which guarantee a sufficient cooling even with no speed. The cherry on the cake is the higher power of this new engine (34 CV), 50% more for the same mass. This will give a climbing rate of a warbird at maximum power, but moreover will leave a reserve of power with a reasonable climbing rate.

RDM 200

More power, a different drive and especially an opposite rotation: the propeller must also be changed. I choose an Ivoprop because these propellers have an adjustable pitch. Its very clever design enabled us to design an specially adapted folding hub which remains slim enough. This one will soon be available for sale.

(moyeu Ivoprop standard)

Next flights for this summer!

March, 2002
We currently study the possibility of manufacturing the Graal in a country of Eastern Europe.
Almost all of our competitors do this way and we may be obliged to be able to propose the best price.
It is thus not impossible that we revise down the estimated selling prices .

February 2, 2002

January, 22, 2002

Two better pictures.

décollage en vol

August, 2001

Some new pictures to waken the site. More news soon !

June, 2000
The first wing out of production molds has successfully passed the load test prescribed by French regulation (see here ).

May, 2000
Building wings mold and work on molding process have got delay.

April 8, 99
After a first series of ground trial and given the change in the new French regulations - suppressing constraint on empty weight but enforcing prescriptions about structural tests - we have decided to make new wings.
As the Graal is now a commercial product, it seemed necessary not to fly with a prototype which did not pass the tests specified by the law. These specs are quite hard, with a static load test at 6g, which may either destroy the spar or else, and worth, make serious and invisible structural damages. So a spar must be sacrificed.
Thereafter, we choose to make right now the wing mold we planned to build after fly tests. From the two first items out of theses molds, one will be used for testing, the other being safely fitted on the prototype for fly testing.